OOC Navigation Guide

OOC Navigation Guide

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This is the Navigation Guide to assist players (and spectators) to find what they are looking for. This won’t list every page, especially as the wiki should be continually growing as play continues, but rather provide the concepts that will make finding your target page much more intuitive.

The first thing to understand that complete navigation is done through the use of the main menu and submenus. For completely OOC pages, such as logistics, mechanics, and party OOC stuff, these are found within the submenu at the highest level of the wiki.

On nearly every page in the wiki (player character description pages being the only exceptions), the datapad will display a primary menu. This menu consists of ten buttons that separate the IC wiki content into categorized sections. The buttons are explained below. Submenus are generally sorted by alphabetical order, chronological order where applicable (such as adventure logs), or in short lists sometimes by flow of importance.

OOC Navigation Guide

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