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Episode 20 – Dreaming again

Episode 20 – Dreaming again
Is this why some beings are afraid of the dark?

I suppose I miss my memories, but maybe I’m better off without them given some of the conclusions I’ve reached. It is a chance to start over but if that was the original intent why such lengths to మార్చడానికి మీరు ? Was it dark? Was I lonely?

I have three months to work on understanding, and determine what I want to do with this new chance. It’s obvious that some of the others are frustrated with my withholding information, but I don’t know how much of what I know – or think I know – is real. Maybe it’s all made up in my mind. For every answer that comes a suppressed memory that randomly comes to me, three more questions come to mind. Often conflicting with that knowledge.

Ah! I just said it and had it all mixed up. Knowledge! Vastly different from memories! I had it all wrong. I don’t know if that helps me in the decisions I have to make, but it helps in the understanding. Can I help? SHOULD I help?


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