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Episode 26 – Shapechanging. Is it really all that exciting?

Episode 26 – Shapechanging. Is it really all that exciting?
I wonder how much time Quesix has left?

Quesix and Alder experimented with the అతడు నోణంస్కైస్వి and Quesix tried going through a gate. Spencer teleporting in hyperspace and Quesix gating with a అతడు నోణంస్కైస్వి. I guess you have to learn what not to do somehow. It doesn’t seem right to leave such a treasure unguarded in one remote location, but then again, I’m sure that sector has already been searched. Right? Maybe? What do I know? I don’t even know…….what I don’t know. I do know that there is more danger involved than………..nevemind. She’ll figure it out in her own maddening way I’m sure.

I forgot something! (not that me having forgotten something is anything new) I wonder if it’s too late to fix it?

The ship retrofit is done. More space. Blah. More offenses and defenses. Blah. The galley is amazing though. I made the most delicious soup…….oh! I forgot something else that I need to do!

We visited the మాసజం గురించిప్పండి on the “shapechanging fish” world. More for Quesix to experiment with.

I continue to wonder how much of this was random, and how much has been orchestrated.


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