Session 16

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Benolaa Returns

Benolaa Returns
I tink we need a bigger reactor

Benolaa returned finally, and it looks like being away from VR units did her a lot of good. Once I learned thaumaturgy, it became very apparent that she was somehow intuitively focused on learning how to enchant, and it looks like she has made astonishing progress since she was away. From my studies, it seemed as if magic and technology did not mix much. However, she has discovered that they in fact, do, and apparently only the ignorance of Cyradon’s mages to technology has kept them from learning how to use magic with technology. I’ll have to talk to her to find out exactly what she did, but it looks like she has made the leap to converting energy either directly into mana or into recovering fatigue. The result is that she can create magical items that would have taken weeks in hours, at the cost of an enormous drain on the ship’s antimatter power plant. Very impressive. It’s lucky she came just before we upgraded the ship, since we now know to upgrade the power supply, too.

Her new abilities open up a whole new avenue for exploration. I’ll have to consider other ways I might want to use magic to enhance all this technology we live around…


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