Session 20

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Exploring Alder’s Winnings

Exploring Alder’s Winnings
Scouting my Igor

Before settling down for the 3-month wait for the ship, we took a look at some of the stuff Alder won. The shuttles are quite impressive, but so massive we can’t even fit them in the freighter until the refit is finished. We went down to look at the new estate, and it’s a technological marvel: a beautiful gardened park within a dome on a very hostile world. I can just imagine all the engineering and expense that went into creating it.

We looked at the slaves, and they’re definitely a problem. They’re so beaten down that Alder is going to have to take a long time rehabilitating them. Also, we would have trouble freeing them as is without them immediately being declared vagrants, and tossed into the mines. We’ll have to work carefully to make sure they become permanently free. One of them, Micky seemed to have something in his eyes to indicate a potential there to be an intelligent kindred spirit. I’ll have to check in later to see how Alder is doing with them.


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