Session 22

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We say goodbye to Aries 3

We say goodbye to Aries 3
Finally really we’re going now

We at long last are really leaving Aries 3. Everyone made final purchases at the shops, we picked up any remaining items, and freed the slaves. I somehow forgot to pick up clothes for Mickey, so I made sure to do that before we went. Unfortunately, the tailor will need a few days, so we’ll have to have Elizabeth pick them up later. We’ll pop in at the estate sometime to grab them.

In some ways the 3 months seemed to drag; I’m not used to staying in one place for so long anymore with so little to do — even if I was able to use the time well to brush up on my science & engineering skills, and practice investigations by exploring this place. And yet in other ways, the 3 months passed in a blur, and I wished I could have had more time here. I especially would have liked to have learned more about K’karama, the local Kaa business owner I discovered might actually be a high-ranking Kaa intelligence agent. If it were just me, I would have stuck around the station a while longer to figure out what he may be up to. However, in a very strange turn for me, I find myself surrounded by people are sometimes even less patient than I am. Oh well, maybe we’ll be back and I can follow up.


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