An Phar

An Phar

An Phar resemble anthropomorphic
pigs, due to their pointed ears, broad
snouts and coarse hair that grows from
their heads. Their eyes are dark and
intelligent. One unique feature of An
Phar . . . while they evolved human—like
hands with opposable thumbs, their feet
remained cloven hooves. They normally
don’t wear shoes. Unlike pigs, they have
no tails and are not normally fat.
Their skin is dark and their hair ranges
from silver through red and brown to
jet—black. The exact length and
appearance of ears, forehead and snout
also varies widely between individuals; even members of other races have little trouble telling An Phar apart. They stand about five feet tall, and generally wear clothes according to current biped fashion (some An Phar are important trend—setters). The race is known for its fanatical cleanliness.
The An Phar homeworld is slightly larger and drier than Earth (1.1G, 49% surface water), with an average temperature of 70°. They breathe a standard oxygen mix at 1.02 atmospheres.

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An Phar

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