An Phar Ecology

An Phar – Ecology

An Phar’s ancestors were plains-dwelling omnivores that roamed widely over far-flung territories in packs. Unlike Earthly plains dwellers like pigs or baboons, where a few dominant males have harems of females, the An Phar became monogamous early in their evolution. Xenologists speculate that a preponderance of natural predators caused the males to learn early to organize and coordinate themselves.

For reasons that are still mysterious, An Phar evolution was extremely rapid. The earliest An Phar tools are only 25,000 years old, and the race developed writing only 3,000 years ago, yet the race was already TL9 spacefarers when they first encountered beings from other planets. Most xenologists feel that An Phar’s headlong evolution is currently at a plateau, though others disagree. This rapid evolution may be the reason for the An Phar’s remarkable cultural cohesiveness (one racial language, one racial ruler). The current An Phar social structure was already firmly established 3,000 years ago at the dawn of recorded An Phar history.

An Phar are still onmivores, though they presently have a cultural taboo against eating any intelligent species. They prefer small villages and towns rather than cities. Their homeworld has only three cities with populations greater than l00,000; the largest has less than a half million An Phar.

Young An Phar reach majority at about age 16. Like humans, they decide at that time whether to enter the work force or pursue higher education.

An Phar mate once and for life, usually between the ages of 20 and 40. Typical An Phar families consist of two to four children. An Phar age like humans, beginning at age 50.

An Phar Ecology

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