An Phar Politics

An Phar – Politics

The racial leader, the Da—Cho, is selected by an assembly of all available Cho. He serves until death or retirement. A new Da—Cho is expected to serve at least 3 years, health permitting, although it is not unknown to appoint a specialist Da—Cho to solve some crisis, with the understanding that he will retire as soon as the crisis is resolved.

An Phar government is free-form. Official positions are created when a need is conceived, and last until that need is satisfied. Civil authorities are appointed by the appropriate Status class. Appointees are generally chosen for their expertise, and within their sphere of authority, their decisions are seldom questioned, even by An Phar of higher Status.

Personal disputes are likewise settled informally. If two parties are unable to settle a dispute they may, if both are of the same Status, convene a jury of five to nine An Phar of like Status. Simple majority rules. If the Statuses are different, the two generally appeal to a Phar of higher Status than either for a summary judgment (this option is also common for litigants of the same Status, as it saves time).

An Phar are enthusiastic participants in the galactic body politic. They are traditional allies of Humanity. An Phar have never warred among themselves; however since entering galactic civilization they have bowed to the realities of other races’ nature. Each Phar receives some military training, making the whole race a citizen’s militia. They maintain no racial standing army, but they often enlist in galactic military and paramilitary organizations. In times of conflict, An Phar have served honorably in the military organizations of humanity and other, more war-like races. Several Phar have risen to general rank. Even more important in wartime is the efficient Phar military-industrial complex. Their industrialists have standing plans which allow their companies to switch from peacetime to wartime industry in a few days.

An Phar Politics

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