The Cidi are the tiniest sentient
vertebrates yet discovered. They stand
5 to 8 inches tall and weigh 1 to 2
pounds. They have large, dark eyes, a
snout resembling a bear’s, pointed ears
and sharp teeth. They are completely
covered with short, soft fur, ranging in
color from golden blond to a deep brown
or russet. Their hands are like humans’;
their bodies tend to be plump. Their legs
and tail make them uniquely suited to
both life on the ground and life in the
trees — they resemble a terrestrial
kangaroo rat, and a Cidi can hop for short stretches as quickly as a man can run. At the same time, the feet have sharp claws and the tail is prehensile, making the race excellent climbers.

The Cidi come from a dry planet with .9 Earth atmospheres, 1.2 G, and an average temperature of 35°.

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