Engai look like beautiful human children.
They stand about four feet tall and are
slight of build, but strong for their size.
On average, they are 18" shorter than
the human norm for their ST; 30 lbs.
under the human norm for height. Their
eyes are large and luminous, but the rest
of their features are very delicate. Their
heads are topped with improbably tall,
elaborate crests of soft hair, each
unique. Natural Engai coloration is
golden — skin, eyes and hair. But the
race makes extensive use of cosmetic
pigmentation, and a given individual can
have literally any combination of hues or shades. Some Engai even pattern their flesh, using two or more contrasting colors to create a design. Though artificial, Engai pigmentation is not the result of makeup or tattooing, but of carefully induced changes in the body chemistry. An Engai’s pigmentation is permanent until he or she decides to change it.

Engai wear clothes, but typical apparel consists of flowing, translucent robes dyed in vivid and elaborate patterns, and light sandals or slippers. Many Engai also wear a few small items of jewelry, such as bracelets, armlets, anklets, rings, and ear or nose studs.
The Engai homeworld is “earthlike to ten decimal places”, except for the atmosphere, which has slightly less oxygen than Terra’s but seems more invigorating because of its 1.l-atmosphere pressure. How much of this is due to terraforming is not known; it is known that this is not the world the Engai evolved on.

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