The Gerodians are the most human in
appearance of any of the
extraterrestrial races. They are tall (as
much as 8 feet), and very thin. Their
limbs and features are long and thin.
They have no eyebrows or lashes, but
heavy eyelids. They have very high
brows and sparse hair growing from the
back of their heads. Their hands are
four-fingered and each long finger has
four joints. Their skin is pale with a slight
blue or green tint. They prefer to wear
simple, loose clothing and sandals.

Their home planet is .8-G, with an
atmosphere of .85 Earth normal and an
average temperature of 60°. It is a rather dry planet. However, records show that it was somewhat warmer (perhaps 70°) and wetter before the Gerodian’s “Final War,” and Gerodians are most comfortable at 70°.

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