The Irari are featherless winged bipeds
about 5½ feet tall. Their heads consist
mainly of a long, sharp beak below large,
double-lidded eyes. They have a crest of
bony protuberances beginning on the
top of their heads and extending to the
base of the neck, decreasing in size.
Their wings end in agile, four-fingered
hands, and they have about a 10-foot
wingspan. Their thin legs end in
three-clawed feet designed for perching
and grasping. Their skin is leathery and
colored a bright red to a russet brown.
The race does not wear clothes apart
from an occasional tool belt or harness.
They often paint themselves in
decorative patterns.

The Irari are native to a 1-G world with
an average temperature of 80°. They
breathe a standard oxygen mix at 1.05 atmospheres. The Irari world is very dry, with less than 10% surface water; the Irari drink very seldom and detest humid climates.

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