The Jaril are giant Humanoids 10 to 12
feet tall. They are completely hairless
with pale gray skin. Their features are
coarse but Human, with the exception of
their single, large, multifaceted eye. They
have seven long digits on each of their
broad hands and feet. Their body
structure is so close to Human that
their clothes are very similar; most Jaril
wear a garment like a practical, many-
pocketed jumpsuit. They prefer light-
colored clothes so that they can make
notes on sleeves and thighs when no
recorder is handy.

The Jaril come from a dying world. Its surface temperature was over 130°, with an air pressure of .72, at the time they were found. They survived in caverns with a year-round temperature of 75° and a pressure of .98 Earth normal. Their native gravity is 1.15 G.

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