The Kaa are “snake men.” Their bodies
are 12 to 15 feet long and flexible, like
that of an earthly snake. They have two
flexible arms ending in formidable claws,
but they have no legs – they move via
undulation, or “slithering.” Their reptilian
heads thrust forward, and they normally
keep the forward half or third of their
bodies erect. Kaa can be any number of
colors, with vivid green being the most

The Kaa have no nudity taboo, but they
often wear clothing and jewelry on their
upper bodies for decoration, including
vests, smocks, necklaces, torcs,
armbands, and head dresses.

They are native to a very dry 1.2-G world, with an average temperature of 85° and a somewhat low-oxygen atmosphere at .85 pressure.

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