The Kronin are tall, powerful, hairless
humanoids. Their heads are their least
human features – their skulls are
elongated, and their noses and ears are
slits that do not protrude from the
heads. Their pupils are vertical, like a
cat’s. Their limbs end in six digits. Kronin
average 6 to 6½ feet tall. Their skin is
usually of a metallic tint, from silvery
white to leaden gray to reddish or
golden bronze.

Kronin customarily dress in military
uniform: tunic, breaches or kilt, and
boots. They customarily go armed,
favoring wrist-mounted energy shields
and hand blasters for day-to-day wear. Archaic bladed weapons are often worn for formal or ceremonial occasions. The shield arm is customarily kept bare.

The Kronin homeworld is large, cold, and dry. Its average temperature is 60°. Gravity is 1.3 G, but atmospheric pressure is only .81 of Earth’s. Kronin suffer no ill effects from carbon dioxide; it is a large constituent of their homeworld atmosphere, and though they cannot breathe it, it does not poison them.

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