The Markann resemble giant bipedal
spiders. They stand an average of 5 feet
tall and average 20 pounds lighter than
humans of the same height. Their bodies
are divided into thorax and abdomen.
Eight limbs extend from the abdomen.
The bottom pair serves as legs; the next
pair is slightly elongated and known as
“strap hands,” and are used when the
Markann is hanging upside down. The
third pair, the “major arms,” serves as a
strong pair of arms ending in large four-
fingered hands. The uppermost pair, or “minor arms” are much weaker, ending in eight-digit fine manipulators. The abdomen also contains the breathing apparatus.

The thorax contains the brain, and holds the Markann’s two pairs of eyes. The larger pair is multi-faceted and is mostly geared to spotting motion at a distance; the smaller pair functions as normal, somewhat nearsighted human eyes. Markann mouths are mandibled.

The Markann are entirely covered with stiff, purple-black fur. They do not wear clothes, apart from equipment harnesses.

Their homeworld has .8 Gs and a standard Terrestrial-type atmosphere at .93 pressure. Its average temperature is 80°, but with the wide Markann temperature tolerance, they can live anywhere a human can.

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