Though generally humanoid (two arms,
two legs, one head), other humanoid
races find the appearance of the
Pachekki bizarre and disconcerting. The
Pachekki have no nose or ears, huge,
bulging multi-faceted eyes, lipless
mouths and a “hair” of waving auditory
palps. Their flesh is very pale, with a
faint bluish tinge. They are tall and
slender, almost elongated. An average
Pachekki is a foot taller than human
normal for its ST, and 20 pounds lighter
than human normal for its height. Their
arms end in slender, flexible, seven-
fingered hands. Fortunately for the peace of mind of other races, the Pachekki wear clothing; they prefer shiny, waterproof material, cut loosely. Pachekki styles are currently fashionable among young Terrans and An Phar.

The Pachekki come from a watery .7-G greenhouse world with an average temperature of 100°. They prefer a humid oxygen atmosphere, with a pressure 1.2 times Terran standard. This is rare in low-gravity worlds, so the Pachekki will find “perfect” planets rare, and will lay strong claim to them.

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