The Purulu look remarkably like Terran
octopi, though they have ten limbs and
the mouth is located underneath the
body. Their six eyes are arranged at
regular intervals around the head. An
adult Purulu weighs about 50 pounds.

Their flesh is colored a vivid mauve
(camouflage in their home ocean). The
Purulu do not use clothes, but often
wear jewelry around their necks and

The Purulu world is heavy, dense, and radioactive, with gravity 1.3 times that of Earth and a normal background radiation ranging from 4 to 25 rads per hour. Its average temperature is 95°. The atmosphere is corrosive, high in oxygen and sulfur compounds, with a pressure of 1.65 atmospheres. However, the aquatic Purulu breathe the planet’s water, with its heavy (and poisonous to humans) admixture of ammonia and heavy-metal chlorides and oxides.

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