There are many intelligent life forms
throughout the galaxy, well beyond the
minor variations of Human. The list
indicated here is but a small sampling
of the available non-human races one
might meet while traveling through

Please select an alien race from the
submenu to learn more about its
species, including technical information.

OCK / Player Info:
Players can instead create their own custom races, as well as selecting a race from existing 4th edition GURPS books such as GURPS Traveller – Interstellar Wars (page 143). All races, custom or otherwise, must have GM approval; both as a present race that can be included here and as a PC race (not all races present in the universe can be a PC race).

Each race will have Player info with mechanics, which will be in a separate section available from the race’s sub-menu.

Human Culture
Human Ecology
Human Language
Human Player Info
Human Politics
Human Psychology


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