Sparrials are thin humanoids with some
slight resemblance to terrestrial felines.
Males are slightly smaller than females
and often slightly faster. Their limbs end
in four thin digits each. A Sparrial’s head
is broad and flat on top, tapering sharply
to a pointed snout. The long pointed ears
stick out parallel to the top of the head.
They have large, deep-set eyes slitted vertically like a cat’s. Their mouths are their most bizarre feature – closed they look relatively normal (although they’re triangular, with three lips), but when they’re opened they can be seen to be lined with rough, serrated bone instead of teeth and to contain several fleshy organs.

A Sparrial is completely covered with sleek fur. Most have varying patterns of brown or rust shades, but albinism is common. Sparrials have no nudity taboo, but often wear clothes for decoration.

The Sparrial homeworld is .95-G, with an average temperature of 65°. They breathe a standard Terran oxygen mix, at .97 atmospheres.

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