The Sundance

Original Manufacturer: Kuat
            Systems Engineering
Model: Wayfarer IV-E
Class: Medium transport
Cargo Module: S
Length: 260 ft
Armament: Dual laser cannon
            360 major beam
            weapons (see below)
Crew Requirement: 2
Full Occupancy: Varies
Life Support: 80
Cargo capacity: 700 m-tons
Consumables: 6 months

The ship has gone through massive refits regarding the weapons. It now sports 20 concealed pop-up turrets, with each turret hosting 18 grouped major beam weapons. With the 10 second delay, this allows the ship’s crew to fire two massive barrages every second.

Additional refits include fusing the main structure and the cargo pod together, a measure not uncommon for this model of freighter. The third deck has been extended, providing more cargo space – although most of the space has been allocated to other purposes, such as a vehicle bay, a docking bay for multiple shuttles, and a room dedicated to the addition of a huge auxiliary power plant – which is used to power the new weapons.

The exterior has been drastically improved, from the stock 1 layer of armor (or none, in some places) to 12 layers of armor. The armor has also been hardened to prevent scanning and EMP attacks. The exterior has also had additional modifications in terms of a Stealth hull and even a Dynamic Chameleon Surface has been added. With all of the weight added by the armor (and other changes), engines were also added to maintain current performance.

Electronic components were also upgraded in the refit process. An ECM suite was added, the best that Aries 3 could offer, as well as a level 12 Multipurpose Sensor Array.

Some changes were also made internally, although this was done by the crew and not a repair facility. Most significant among these are the addition of a patio and pool area, a large terrarium conversion, and renovating cabin space to provide more luxurious accommodations. Aside from the living space already allocated to the ship’s 9 occupants, 8 cabins remain available should the need arise. Of course, the ship’s 15 cells also remain available.

Given the massive changes, including the armor and the blocking of scanning the ship’s internal contents or strucutre, this ship isn’t likely to fool anyone into thinking that it is a standard, run-of-the-mill cargo freighter.


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