Treefolk are massive creatures that take
as much of their body structure from
the plant kingdom as from the animal.

Treefolk move about on an undulating
mass of thick, ropy “roots.” Their bodies
are a cluster of eight mottled globular
clusters from which emerge eight waving
fronds. The two major fronds are
considerably stronger than the others,
and are articulated for use as fine
manipulators. The minor fronds can be
used to hold and carry light objects, but
cannot really manipulate. The Tree is
topped by three stalked, remarkably human eyes arranged at 120° angles to one another, giving it a 360° ?eld of vision. Treefolk coloration ranges from a delicate violet on the tips of the fronds to a deep blue-black on parts of the body. The overall hue is purple.

Treefolk did not wear clothes until they encountered Galactic culture. While they need no protection, the idea of ornamenting the body was interesting to them, and well-off Treefolk often wear jewels in plastic or wooden settings (long contact with metal is unhealthy for them).

They are native to a l.l-G Terrestrial world with an average temperature of 75°. They breathe carbon dioxide and release oxygen; atmospheric pressure matters very little to them. Their home star is a type F6; under dimmer suns, they tend to be sluggish, losing one IQ point for each spectral type cooler than F unless they set up special sunlamps.

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